Philmont Scout Ranch Information

PPhilmont Scenic Baldy Mountainhilmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America’s largest national high-adventure base. It cov­ers 137,000 acres — about 214 square miles — of rugged moun­tain wilder­ness in the San­gre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) range of the Rocky Moun­tains in north­ern New Mexico.

Thirty-four staffed camps and 55 trail camps are oper­ated by the ranch. Philmont has high moun­tains dom­i­nat­ing rough ter­rain with ele­va­tions rang­ing from 6,500 to 12,441 feet.


Philmont has a unique his­tory of ancient Native Amer­i­cans who chipped pet­ro­glyphs into canyon walls, Span­ish con­quis­ta­dors who explored the South­west long before the first colonists arrived on the Atlantic coast, the rugged breed of moun­tain man like Kit Car­son who blazed trails across this land, the great land barons like Lucien Maxwell who built ran­chos along the Santa Fe Trail, and min­ers, log­gers, and cow­boys. All these peo­ple left their mark on Philmont.


Wildlife is abun­dant at Philmont. Deer, elk, coy­ote, ante­lope, moun­tain lion, buf­falo, beaver, wild turkey, bear, and oth­ers all live here. Philmont’s hills and canyons teem with birds, and its streams abound with fish. Its cool moun­tains har­bor a wilder­ness of bounty — trees, shrubs, flow­ers, and grasses.

Philmont Wildlife - DeerPhilmont Brown Bear

Philmont Wild TurkeyPhilmont Famous Mini-Bear


Philmont is rich in nat­ural beauty, includ­ing the soar­ing Tooth of Time, sun­rise from lofty Mount Waite Phillips, the blue water of Cimar­roncito Reser­voir, the panoramic sweep of the plains from Urraca Mesa, and sun­light fil­ter­ing through the aspens along the rip­pling Rayado.


Philmont Program - The StompPhilmont Scout Ranch pro­vides an unfor­get­table adven­ture in sky-high back­pack­ing coun­try along hun­dreds of miles of rugged, rocky trails.

Pro­gram fea­tures com­bine the best of the Old West — horse­back rid­ing, burro pack­ing, gold pan­ning, chuck­wagon din­ners, and inter­pre­tive his­tory — with excit­ing chal­lenges for today, such as rock climb­ing, burro rac­ing, moun­tain bik­ing, and .30–06 rifle shoot­ing. It’s an unbeat­able recipe for fast-moving fun and the outdoors.


Philmont Camping
Philmont means camp­ing with your own unit as well as meet­ing and shar­ing expe­ri­ences with other crews from all over Amer­ica and from other coun­tries. This is an oppor­tu­nity for fel­low­ship and under­stand­ing unequaled any­where in America.